Right-brained Lean Startup, a new iterative product development process

QGENIUS® provides innovative companies with a new “Right-brained Lean Startup” product development process, which is a new iterative product development process that combines the “Right-Brained Organization” method with “Lean Startup”.

In 2012, Eric Ries proposed the concept of “Lean Startup”. “Lean Startup” is a new product development process that relies on ideas, MVPs and metric design to iteratively develop new products, providing a new methodology for disruptive and breakthrough innovation.

However, the classic “Lean Startup” process also has some problems in implementation, such as lack of mature and specific methods, especially in how to find indicators, and the emphasis on data often makes it a typical “left brain” methodology.

In fact, “right brain ability” is crucial in innovation. Therefore, many innovative teams that use “Lean Startup” extensively use typical “right brain” methods such as “design thinking” and user experience testing in practice.

Based on a summary of nearly a decade of “Lean Startup” practice, we have proposed a new improved solution that combines the “Right-Brained Organization” method with “Lean Startup”, solving several key problems:

  • The problem of innovative organizational structure. Which organizational structure is suitable for continuous innovation? Which organizational structure is suitable for disruptive and breakthrough innovation? How do they coexist in the same company?
  • The direction of innovation efforts. What is the direction of product development? What are the basic principles of product development? What value to create and how to make consumers reasonably recognize the new value of innovative products.
  • The problem of how to judge the value of innovative products in the early stage. By establishing a new enterprise value review system, providing leading indicators for innovative business value, and rebuilding enterprise value measurement standards. This solves the old problem of enterprise product portfolio management in China and allows managers to select innovative projects based on leading indicators.
  • Further, how to ensure that the right people are in the new product development team? Doing things right? What specific things should an innovative team do and what new methods should it master?

The law of business tells us that if you are not a head company in a market, you are essentially working for a head company. If your organization wants to become a new head company, it needs to develop disruptive innovative products. And “Right-brained Lean Startup” allows your organization to master an even more powerful product iteration development process than advanced.

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