The 10 Survival Rules in Murphy’s World

Our world is like a train that shuttles back and forth between the Ideal Kingdom and the Murphy’s World. The so-called Ideal Kingdom is where everything goes smoothly, while Murphy’s World follows the great Murphy’s Law, which states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Obviously, Murphy’s World is very terrifying, and to survive here, you need to master ten survival rules.

First, listen to the opinions of fools. In Murphy’s World, fools are always clever! Their judgments are always correct. Also, don’t go against fools, they will always find smarter ways to make you fail. This is an experience summed up with blood and tears. You must remember this!

Second, two negatives make a positive. Everything will go wrong, there is no doubt or illusion about that. If you want to have the right result, you need to make the measures that are likely to go wrong also go wrong. And you need to end the measures that are likely to go wrong and have gone wrong before the measures that are aimed at those possibilities but have not yet gone wrong appear.

Third, don’t stay in one place. If you learn the second rule, every measure will lead to new problems, so escape from this environment as soon as possible. But usually when you are ready to leave, it is already too late. So you must be faster.

Fourth, if you have prepared for a disaster and estimated a deadline, if this is a well-designed plan, multiply the deadline by two, otherwise by three. According to Murphy’s Law, everything takes longer than you think.

Fifth, if you want to figure out where the problem is, if it really matters, make a list of possible factors in order of importance. The problem always appears in the least important place.

Sixth, let things go wrong as soon as possible instead of avoiding mistakes. As we survivors often say in Murphy’s World, the earlier you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.

Seventh, don’t try to make a plan. According to Murphy’s Law, no matter if you expect three or four ways to go wrong and make a plan, there will always be a fourth or fifth way to go wrong. Therefore, to survive, it’s not about making a plan, it’s about creating problems so that you can get out of trouble in Murphy’s World.

Eighth, what is destroyed is the useful thing. Conversely, the useful thing will be destroyed too. In Murphy’s World, if you want to find a tool, we identify it using this method. But remember, making mistakes is human nature, but it’s the tools that really mess things up.

Ninth, don’t rely on tools to get you out of trouble. If you are given an open-book exam, you will forget to bring the book. By extension, if you are allowed to take an online exam at home, you either don’t have a phone or don’t know where your home is.

Tenth, teamwork is beneficial because someone will take the bullet for you. There is always someone in the team who seems to know what’s going on, and they usually disappear first. If you want to survive, go back to the first rule.

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