The Right-Brained Organization

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QGENIUS is an advocate and leader for the transformation of “The Right-Brained Organizations.” Structure determines behavior. To enable innovative behavior, the organizational structure must first be adjusted. However, as emphasized by systems thinking, to effect systemic change, one must first identify the system’s “leverage points.” The capabilities of innovators are the “leverage points” of the ESG change. We provide advanced consulting services at the organizational, process, and project levels to help you achieve your goals.

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not.

Eric Ries

The Right-Brained Organization

As we move further into the age of AI, it is likely that we will see an increasing number of companies embracing a new type of organizational structure known as “The Right-Brained Organizations.”

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We offer organizational-level transformation solutions that require deep integration with your organization. As such, our experts need to work closely with your organization to establish consensus and trust in order to truly achieve innovative change. Please contact our consultants to explore and design your exclusive solution.