QGENIUS Helps Your Organization Transform into a “Right-Brained Organization”

QGENIUS® provides organizational-level management consulting services to support you in becoming an innovation “chief architect” and help your enterprise transform into a new type of innovative organization: a “Right-Brained Organization.”

Enterprise innovation is a systemic issue, and to solve enterprise innovation problems, systems thinking methods must be used. Systems thinking believes that structure determines behavior. To make innovative behavior happen, the organizational structure must first be adjusted. We see that traditional enterprise management methods usually involve formulating clear strategies and plans, setting SMART-like goals for employees at all levels, and requiring employees to speak with data. We call these data-based management models “left-brain abilities” and enterprises that are good at using “left-brain abilities” “left-brained organizations.”

But today the key factors of enterprise competition have changed, and more and more enterprises realize that right-brain factors such as innovation, user experience, community, design, etc. are the key to winning. And these are precisely “right-brain abilities,” and enterprises that are good at “right-brain abilities” are precisely “right-brained organizations.”

“Left-brain abilities” and “right-brain abilities” do not exclude each other; in fact, they can complement each other. On the one hand, the vast majority of successful innovative organizations are “right-brained organizations.” But at the same time, these “right-brained organizations” often also have strong “left-brain abilities.” The real key to distinguishing between the two types of organizations is that the underlying decision-making criteria of “right-brained organizations” are based on “right-brain abilities.”

However, this is not to say that “left-brain abilities” are not important. On the contrary, “left-brain abilities” are very important. An enterprise with only “right-brain abilities” but no “left-brain abilities” cannot survive at all. Only when a “right-brained organization” has “left-brain abilities” can it have a chance to stand on the market.

On the contrary, as long as an organization has strong enough “left-brain abilities,” even if it does not have “right-brain abilities,” it can still survive in the market and even grow. Of course, this survival is not marked by innovation. It often relies on cost, scale and other “left-brain” related factors to win. This is why so many organizations generally ignore “right-brain abilities.” And a significant fact is that the vast majority of “left-brained organizations” also severely lack “right-brain abilities.”

In the past, “left-brained organizations” still had a chance to become industry leaders. But today, as innovation accelerates and “right-brained organizations” continue to disrupt traditional markets occupied by “left-brained organizations,” to become a leader in new markets, organizations must become “right-brained organizations.”

Fortunately, although most “left-brained organizations” severely lack “right-brain abilities,” the organization itself does not reject them. On the contrary, this is precisely the part of themselves they have lost. We have already seen that even Microsoft in the computer industry, a naturally left-brained organization under CEO Nadella’s leadership can take elephant steps and complete the transformation into a right-brained organization. Then what enterprise in this world can say that it cannot transform?

In other words, transforming into a right-brained organization is precisely a shortcut to innovation! For enterprises, it is not starting over but self-repairing. It is rebuilding on the same genes. Therefore there is less resistance and greater effectiveness.

Of course even if it is a shortcut it is still a systemic project involving changes in corporate culture organizational structure business processes and even personnel. Change requires methods especially since change itself should be right brain change Standing in employees’ shoes building empathy is an emotional warm change.

This is our vision More and more right brained organizations will not only bring more innovative products to the world but also give humanity a beautiful future full of human touch We are willing to complete this transformation with those companies destined for greatness.

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