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In the AI era, talent is the key. Every individual possesses a hidden genius within, how can we see the genius? You and your business need a completely new capacity assessment system: QGENIUS certification.

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The Right-Brained Organization

AI & Innovation requires a new organizational structure. How can your organization smoothly transition to the AI era? We offer a new approach: the Right-Brained Organization. You don’t have to start over or implement radical organizational revolutions. The Right-Brained Organization is a change within the same gene. It is an awakening, not a replacement.

"The Right-Brained Organization"

Unveiling the Organizational Secrets of AI Era

Chapter 1: Part 1 – Are the left and right brains really different?

Most of us know that the left and right brain functions are different. We are often told that the left brain is the logical brain, controlling logic, math, and language. The right brain, on the other hand, is the creative brain, controlling visual images, especially the ability to recognize faces. In addition, the right brain has a profound impact on

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Chapter 1: Part 2 – Are the left and right brains really different?

But when it comes to human-specific advanced abilities like language, the division of labor in the brain is quite complex. When you learn a new language, two areas in the brain are critical to this activity, one called Wernicke’s area and the other called Broca’s area, which together make up our language center. For most of us, they are usually

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Chapter 2: Part 1 – In the age of innovation, the right brain reigns supreme

If you are a “left-hander,” are you a “right-brained thinker”? Although this statement seems logical, our current research cannot confirm it. This is actually very complicated. The popular saying that “left-handers are left-brain dominant” actually comes from misinformation. The actual research results say: 95-99% of “right-handers” have their language centers in the left brain, but at the same time about

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Chapter 2: Part 3 – In the age of innovation, the right brain reigns supreme

Gary Pisano a professor at Harvard Business School proposed a framework for classifying innovation. He divided innovation into four categories according to technology and business model. He called innovations that are relatively small in technology and business model Routine Innovation while innovations that are relatively large in technology Radical Innovation those that are relatively large in business model Disruptive Innovation

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Chapter 2: Part 4 – In the age of innovation, the right brain reigns supreme

Psychologists Keith Stanovich and Richard West first proposed the concepts of System 1 and System 2. They believe that our decision-making system has two systems. The operation of System 1 is unconscious and fast using intuition not very brain-consuming relying on emotions and instincts and completely under autonomous control. It uses so-called heuristic judgments which are a psychological shortcut when

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