Why Do Innovative Enterprises Need an “External Brain”?

The more experienced a person is, the more likely they are to have their own unique “mental model.”

As a result, some common cognitive biases, such as “anchoring” and “functional fixedness,” can affect our ability to solve problems. In French, there is even a specific term called Déformation professionnelle, translated into English as “misinterpretation of professionalism,” which refers to how a person’s professional training can shape their perspective on reality. Similarly, in English there is a term called nerdview, which refers to how organizations often use internal language to describe their products and services to the outside world. By inviting external experts to examine innovation from a third-party perspective, these decision-making errors can be avoided to some extent.

QGENIUS has a professional think tank of innovation and product development experts. The experts’ backgrounds cover large enterprises, entrepreneurial teams, and research institutions. These experts from different industries can help your enterprise break out of its original “mental model” and transform your organization and business with advanced methods and innovative perspectives.

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