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Universal Training

Before joining QGENIUS, Universal Training had nearly 20 years of training experience in China. Founded in 2001, this institution was once an authorized training partner in China for international companies or organizations such as Apple and CompTIA. Today, QGENIUS’s innovative ideas and Universal Training’s global vision and rich teaching experience have merged to bring a innovative learning experience to learners worldwide.

Champions keep playing until they get it right.

Billie Jean King

Product Management

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Artificial Inteligence

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User Experience

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Business Model

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App Development

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Quantum Computing

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The starting point for corporate innovation

Capacity Building

The sustainable development of an enterprise depends on innovation, and the development of innovation depends on the environment and culture. But establishing an innovative culture is not as simple as flipping a switch; it is a continuous process. To establish an innovative cultural environment, you must first have innovative products. And to have innovative products, you must first have an innovative product development team. And to have an innovative team, you must first enhance the individual capabilities of team members. Therefore, although promoting corporate innovation is a systematic project, its starting point is capacity building.

Learning based on Qcode

QGENIUS offers an innovative “Qcode” solution that makes capabilities visible and trustworthy. The “Qcode” provides an intelligent data foundation for capacity building and capability assessment through underlying trustworthy learning technology. Our “Qcode” solution has been selected as the core technical support platform for the “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Innovation and Product Management Capacity Building Project (UCPM)” and is a prerequisite for assessment exams.