Forbes: The Rise Of The Right-Brained Organization

I would like to recommend an insightful article from Forbes titled “The Rise Of The Right-Brained Organization” to our reader. Overall, the article argues that in order to succeed in today’s business environment, companies must become more right-brained. By embracing creativity, intuition, and holistic thinking, companies can better adapt to change and create a more engaging customer experience.

This article, written by Ashu Goel, CEO at WinWire Technologies, discusses how technology is altering the rules for corporate success and how organizations need to embrace a new mindset: right-brained thinking.

Goel argues that traditional business thinking, which emphasizes logic and sequential reasoning, is not as effective as it once was due to the rapid rise of factors like computing processing power. He believes that organizations need to be more pliable and embrace right-brained thinking in order to be successful moving forward.

This article provides valuable insights into the changing business landscape and how organizations can adapt to remain competitive. I highly recommend giving it a read .

Forbes: The Rise Of The Right-Brained Organization

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