Will AI trigger a philosophical revolution?

In which discipline will artificial intelligence first cause revolutionary changes? It may not be computer science, physics, mathematics, medicine, education, or any of the natural or social sciences. The discipline most likely to have a fundamental impact from artificial intelligence is philosophy.

Philosophy is known as the science of science. However, globalization and the rapid development of technology have made fundamental issues of human and even world survival increasingly urgent. Although many applied sciences are advancing in parallel, the field of philosophy has not had a major breakthrough for a long time. The gap between philosophy and the development of the world is getting wider and wider. However, the faster scientific development is, the more it needs to provide ideological perspectives and methodologies fundamentally. Both philosophy itself and other sciences urgently need breakthroughs in philosophy.

Philosophy is the essence of human philosophical thought. The ancient philosophers were great, but their ideas are still limited by the natural structure of the human brain and are difficult to overcome knowledge and cognitive biases. Today’s world has far exceeded the knowledge category of ancient philosophers. Artificial intelligence is also constantly developing knowledge storage and logical reasoning capabilities, and may even surpass humans. Therefore, from a technical point of view, the development of artificial intelligence provides us with new tools for understanding the world fundamentally, and it is an unprecedented powerful tool.

Artificial intelligence also brings new challenges to philosophy. Is artificial intelligence bionics or a new species? Either result means that the field of philosophical research will expand. This in turn will promote changes and developments in traditional philosophical thinking. The deeper our understanding of the origin of thought, the deeper our research on philosophical thought, which will be deeper.

At the same time, philosophy is also key to popularizing artificial intelligence technology. Its breakthroughs will enable some key issues in artificial intelligence applications to find standards for evaluation, whether they are technical or ethical. This is the key to these scientific advances and also to human progress!

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