VUCA era? No, this is a certain era!

This is not a VUCA era, this is an era full of certainty.

In today’s world, there are three things that have not changed. The first is that the direction of globalization has not changed. The second is that China’s economy continues to develop and the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has not changed. The third is that the trend of accelerating global scientific and technological development has not changed. These three factors determine that the future direction of the world is clear.

Since the starting point and endpoint are clear, comparing the two, it is obvious that the structure of the world needs to be reorganized. Although there will be various power games and repetitions in this process, the overall direction is clear and definite.

This is an era of great change. Innovation is the theme of the times. Without a doubt, those who stick to conventions will inevitably be abandoned by the times, and only those who master innovative methods can stand out in this era.

Innovation has never been aimless exploration. In the field of innovation management globally in the past 20 years, whether in theory or practice, there have been significant breakthroughs and a new innovation enterprise management model has been formed.

But many companies are still using traditional management thinking and methods. But times have changed, and the world has become bigger and faster. If you still use the original methods to observe the world, you will feel that the future is changeable, uncertain and ambiguous. Faced with this sense of powerlessness and confusion about directionality, it cannot be solved by effort but should be learned and mastered new innovation management knowledge.

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