Innovation Relies on ”Our Own People”

The survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises depend on innovation. And for innovation, talent is one of the key factors for success.

The value of outstanding talent to a company is self-evident. Two senior partners at McKinsey & Company, Scott Keller and Mary Meaney, have explained this with numbers: for a project originally planned to be completed in three years, assuming that the productivity of outstanding talent is 400% higher than that of ordinary employees, then replacing 20% of the project team with outstanding talent would mean that the project could be completed in less than two years. And if their productivity is 800% higher than that of ordinary employees, it could be completed within one year. This means that if these outstanding talents join your competitors, even if they enter the market one or two years later than you, they still have a chance to beat you.

Obviously, if you want to innovate, you need to recruit and retain these outstanding talents. But unfortunately, not everyone with an impressive past record is an outstanding talent. In fact, not everyone who is suitable for working in a large company is suitable for working in an innovative company. Not to mention that there are indeed some “pretenders” like “Mr. Nanguo” in large companies.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the window of opportunity for innovation is fleeting. If you hire such “Mr. Nanguo” and put them in key positions, not only will you miss the opportunity to grow and develop. More importantly, although these “Mr. Nanguo” are not strong in innovation ability, they are extremely skilled in political struggle after being in large companies for a long time. You will find that although they are not responsible for things that have been done, the responsibility afterwards is on others and they can always retreat safely every time. Soon, those employees who were originally “honest and straightforward” in the startup company also began to slowly “study” political skills. They will keep evidence to protect themselves, be wary of each other, stay out of things that don’t concern them, and a toxic culture gradually spreads throughout the company.

Therefore, innovative companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, need to find outstanding talents who master new innovative thinking and methods. They come to innovative companies hoping to achieve something. Innovative talents are different from “Mr. Nanguo”. They usually don’t care too much about their position or treatment, nor do they care about the quality of the office environment or demand that you have a mature team. Sometimes a blank sheet of paper can give them more freedom to create. They are the “own people” of innovative companies.

More importantly, finding “own people” is because we have a common “value” for innovation. Values are implicit thinking. This often makes it difficult to reflect through a resume or work experience. But at QGENIUS we bring real innovators together. When you see that an applicant holds a QGENIUS certificate, you know: we are “our own people.”

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