Shanghai Information Service Industry Association and QGENIUS Collaborate to Host UCPD product director training

In order to further implement the national innovation-driven development strategy and seize the new opportunities brought by the dual circulation strategy, the Shanghai Information Service Industry Association is holding an “Advanced Workshop on Innovative Product Development Management” for its member units. The credits from the workshop can be used to apply for the United Nations UCPD Product Director Certificate.

The Shanghai Information Service Industry Association was established in 2001 and is a 5A-level industry association composed of more than 300 Internet companies including Shanghai Xintou, Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, Ctrip, Shanda, Meituan Dianping, and Alipay. The information service industry is one of the pillar industries of Shanghai’s digital transformation and an important support for Shanghai’s industrial innovation and iteration. The industry association plays an important “catalyst” role in promoting the innovation work of Shanghai’s information service enterprises.

For enterprises, product development and management are at the core of innovation work. And the product director is the core of the product development team, determining the strength of the enterprise’s product development capabilities. It has been proven that strengthening the training of product directors can have an immediate effect on improving enterprise innovation capabilities. It is a key “leverage point” for enterprise innovation work.

The content of this advanced workshop includes product leadership, systems thinking for product managers, team guidance, and product portfolio management. The course content is aligned with the UCPD Product Director Capacity Building Certificate standards. This certificate system belongs to the “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Innovation and Product Development Management Capacity Building Project” and is established by the United Nations Training Institute CIFAL Shanghai Center. QGENIUS is the designated course partner for this project in China.

This advanced workshop is mainly aimed at senior managers responsible for product innovation and management in enterprises, such as vice presidents of products, product directors, product managers, and heads of new product development. It also includes: enterprise CEOs and presidents or other middle and senior managers involved in innovative product development such as R&D team managers, project managers, marketing managers, technical engineers, designers, market researchers, etc.

In view of the actual work situation of senior managers, the workshop adopts an online learning format. After completing the study, you can obtain four QGENIUS competency record certificates and 20 credits online. These certificates and credits can be used to apply for the UCPD Product Director Certificate under the “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Innovation and Product Development Management Capacity Building Project.”

Member units can register for this learning activity through the official WeChat public account of the Shanghai Information Service Industry Association.


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