QGENIUS Project Level Consulting – Guiding Your Innovation Project Every Step of the Way

The true purpose of consulting services is to empower. We also provide expert consulting services at the project level. QGENIUS® experts will follow your project throughout its entire process. They are your “project mentors,” providing independent perspectives, experience, and methodologies.

When an organization’s innovation system is not fully established, team managers are lonely. They want to hear the truth and see the truth. But because of the existence of the responsibility system, people around them are often skeptical. At this time, a third-party neutral can speak the truth from an objective perspective.

Even as teams gradually mature, it is still difficult to avoid the negative impact of team dynamics. Team decisions are not always objective and often result in “team polarization,” where conservatives become more conservative and radicals become more radical. At this time, experienced “project mentors” can identify this phenomenon and provide calm advice.

When teams learn new innovation methods, they often need someone to show them the correct way by hand. This way, employees can overcome their fear and begin to accept and enjoy new methods. More importantly, experienced “project mentors” can quickly “sniff out” mistakes and remind managers to pay attention and make adjustments in time. Timing is always crucial for success.

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