Executive Mentors – Cultivate innovative leaders.

“Executive Mentors” help senior executives and management teams master right-brain methods, which is a crucial step in driving top-down transformation into a “Right-Brained Organization.”

Most managers know the importance of innovation but cannot articulate how to take the first step. Many managers also realize that they and their entire team should have empathy, but they do not know that building empathy is not simply based on intuition, but on a series of scientific processes and methods. Similarly, we actually know the importance of users in enterprise management, but most MBA courses do not have user experience courses…

In fact, our managers are not untrained and are not unaware of learning. But most of the training they have received in the past has been in left-brain skills. Especially for left-brain thinkers, the more proficient they are in thinking patterns, the more willing they are to learn and use them. But this also leads them to neglect the improvement of right-brain thinking abilities. Even more extreme is that many naturally right-brain thinkers are molded into “disguised” left-brain managers in a long-term left-brain work environment. They are accustomed to and even think they are very good at using numbers and left-brain tools to complete tasks.

But in reality, when these managers, especially senior management (including those in the senior management reserve), learn and master various right-brain tools on the basis of their original management knowledge, they can learn to look at problems from another angle and gain new insights. If further combined with left-brain methods and right-brain methods in actual work, it can take their own management capabilities to the next level. Left-brain methods correspond to management tools, while behind right-brain abilities is true leadership. Managers who have mastered leadership and management methods transform into true leaders and the enterprise undergoes a transformation.

We know that when an enterprise starts up, it often needs to adopt a project system, and it is important to train project managers at this time; when an enterprise develops, it often needs to transform from a project system to a product system, and it begins to train professional product managers at this time. The former is equivalent to “giving a man a fish,” while the latter is “teaching a man to fish.” But in today’s market environment, to become a new leading enterprise, enterprises need to rely on “disruptive innovation,” and at this time we need to become a “right-brained organization” with continuous innovation capabilities. Whether or not there is a “leader” who has mastered right-brain methods is the key of keys.

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