University of Bahrain issues diplomas using blockchain technology

According to recent foreign media reports, the University of Bahrain (UOB) will become one of the universities using blockchain digital diplomas.

The Bahraini government attaches importance to the importance of blockchain technology for national economic development and urges attention to cybersecurity issues. Abdulhussain Mirza, Bahrain’s Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs, once announced: “The ability of blockchain to protect user data is a true sign of progress, especially as it can be applied to different companies from different industries, including cybersecurity.”

The University of Bahrain’s blockchain program is part of its overall digital strategy for mobile learners.

Blockchain technology has become a focus of attention for some top universities. In addition to the University of Bahrain, as of mid-October 2017, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has also issued blockchain-based digital diplomas to more than 100 graduates.

MIT issued diplomas on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain through its platform in an attempt to distribute academic certificates while ensuring tamper-proofing and immutability.

The development team explained: “We provide a decentralized credential system. The Bitcoin blockchain acts as a provider of trust, and credentials are tamper-proof and verifiable. It can be used for academic, professional and workforce qualification certification.”

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