Why can blockchain technology make QGENIUS’ certificates more credible?

Blockchain can be seen as an electronic ledger that uses encryption and anti-tampering technology. At present, the world’s largest blockchain project is Bitcoin, which is also recognized as the king in terms of security. If we store our learning information in Bitcoin’s electronic ledger, such as when we participated in a course, when we took an exam, when we obtained a certificate, and which abilities this certificate corresponds to. Once this information is stored in Bitcoin, no one can tamper with this data and it has a high degree of credibility.

The basis of credible ability is credible learning, and the basis of credible ability certificates is credible learning records. Through trusted technologies such as blockchain, we can help you leave a credible learning record.

For employers, the QGENIUS trusted certificate provided by job seekers not only makes them more confident in the applicant’s abilities. More importantly, credit is precisely the most critical quality in the business environment. An applicant with a trusted certificate can see his or her emphasis on integrity.

For learners themselves, a QGENIUS trusted certificate can provide evidence of their abilities for future studies and allow educational institutions to focus on the development of their new abilities and reduce waste in future learning. This is also the trend of future learning.

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