Innovators are not alone

We live in an era of innovation. But today, innovation is no longer aimless trial and error…

We live in an era of innovation. But to truly root innovation in a company, three problems need to be solved:

First is the cognitive problem. Many corporate managers blame the company’s lack of innovation on talent and methods or funding issues. As a result, in many “traditional” companies, bosses think employees are not working hard enough, while employees complain about bosses giving random orders. Both sides find it difficult to accept the assumption that “the problem may be with me.”

Secondly, innovation is a complex systemic problem. Like a car, it doesn’t just need tires to move, but all parts of the system must be installed before it can start smoothly. Innovation requires both overall and individual capabilities to be perfected. We need to create an innovative environment while also having the ability to innovate at every department from R&D to implementation and at every position from boss to employee, speaking the same language of innovation. Without any “parts,” innovation will not happen.

Finally, there is the content issue. The management model of innovative companies is different from that of traditional large companies. Some of our managers have learned the management model of large companies and read MBA but found that the practical effect is not good. This is because traditional business school courses are a summary of large company experience and are not suitable for the practice of innovative companies.

Solving these problems is no easy task. But even if it’s difficult, we still have to keep going. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises today, whether for survival or development, innovation is the only way forward with no other choice.

Fortunately, today innovation is no longer aimless trial and error. The development of global innovation theory and practice in the past 20 years has given us a relatively mature innovation management model. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process. We firmly believe that China’s innovative enterprises, including many small and medium-sized enterprises, will be the real driving force for global innovation in the future. And our mission is to help you future business leaders master new innovative management thinking and methods.

Innovation has always been a difficult road. If you aspire to move forward on this rugged road, you are not alone. We, along with thousands of innovative entrepreneurs, will forge ahead with you on this road.

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