Giant Baby Companies

Whether in the workplace or in life, encountering a “giant baby” is a very headache.

But worse is the “giant baby company,” and there are still quite a few of these companies.

The so-called “giant baby” grew up in the indulgence of their parents and considered themselves the eldest son of so-and-so. They should have grown up and fought on their own in society or the market, but they always expect their parents to come up with policies, give projects, and give funds. When they encounter difficulties, especially when they mess things up, they never reflect on what problems they have. Instead, they act as if everyone is bullying them and their parents are coming to save them. Although they are not good at fighting outside, they are very cruel to their brothers and sisters and play dirty tricks. They especially value the difference between legitimate and illegitimate children and cannot stand the good of those around them.

Although the general public does not like “giant baby companies” very much. But objectively speaking, “giant baby companies” are not without merit. Most “giant baby companies” have also made some contributions to society to varying degrees. Their original intention when they were founded was mostly kind. Inside the company, whether it is senior management or employees, there are no shortage of “wise men” who want to change the status quo.

In life, the temper of a “giant baby” is spoiled by parents. After others have suffered a few losses, they will eventually “respectfully keep their distance.” In the end, it is oneself and one’s parents who suffer.

Similarly, “giant baby companies” in society are also spoiled. When a company grows in an overly safe and comfortable environment, it gradually loses its true survival ability. Therefore, if you do not change the dependent environment, you will not really grow up. What “giant baby companies” need is “weaning.”

“Cutting off and leaving” is a painful process. Without the determination to break the cauldrons and sink the boats and the process of pulling out muscles and bones, true self-nirvana will not be achieved.

We are in an era of great change. Reality is cruel. If we do not change, there will not be much time left for “giant baby companies.” But if we work together from top to bottom and rise from the ashes, this is also an era when new rules are constantly being established.

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