Who should be an innovation manager?

In the current economic context, innovation has become the key to the success or failure of Chinese enterprises. Therefore, many enterprises have specifically set up the position of innovation manager to promote innovation. So, what is an innovation manager and what kind of person is suitable to become an innovation manager?

The so-called innovation manager, its real responsibility is mainly to promote innovation activities within the organization. Therefore, this position needs to assist the senior management of the enterprise in establishing and maintaining an innovative cultural environment, designing and promoting organizational innovation strategies, promoting the implementation of change and innovation projects, and enhancing team innovation capabilities.

In the organization, the innovation manager is actually a senior or intermediate management position. Its common titles are often Chief Innovation Officer, Innovation Director, Senior Innovation Manager or Innovation Manager. In some enterprises, the definition of an innovation manager will be broader. They include all managers who promote innovation business in the category of innovation managers, including product managers, project managers, R&D managers, design managers, brand managers and so on.

Innovation business requires comprehensive and even contradictory capabilities for personnel. Successful innovators must be able to rationally persuade people and emotionally touch people. They must be sensitive to data and have artistic accomplishment. They must have a far-sighted strategic vision and be able to do things meticulously on the ground. But no matter what, there are several important qualities that an innovation manager must possess:

Curiosity. Curiosity is innate and a quality that we show from childhood. Some people are naturally not interested in new things and are very resistant to trying new things. This is not a bad thing for some positions. But undoubtedly, if a person has no curiosity, he or she will not have passion for innovation and will not be suitable to become an innovation manager.

Teamwork. As we mentioned earlier, innovation requires comprehensive and even contradictory abilities. So it’s not something that can be done by one person alone. On the contrary, all innovations that can truly change users’ lives now come from teams. We know that some people just don’t want to cooperate with others. These people can become excellent professionals such as artists. However, they are not suitable to become innovation managers.

Courageousness. Innovation manager is definitely not a good career choice for timid people. You often have to promote organizational change, challenge technical and business problems, develop unprecedented new products, and these things have a much greater chance of failure than success. People without courage cannot do this.

Innovative ability is not one of the essential qualities required for an innovative manager above. This is not to say that innovative ability is not important but because candidates who are willing to engage in this position usually have this talent and another more important reason is that most abilities related to innovative managers can be learned and cultivated.

There are currently many learning courses aimed at cultivating innovative abilities. More famous ones include UCPM and UCPD product management certificates, TRIZ Association’s innovative method certification, AIPMM’s CIL certificate etc… However these certificates are authoritative in terms of knowledge system but also tend to lean towards certain professional fields such as product development technical innovation etc… And these certificates are usually more suitable for learners who have worked in these management positions for a period of time.

If you are transitioning from a technical or other position into an innovative management position at this time your more urgent need is to first establish a scientific knowledge system on how to manage in an innovative environment. At this time academic courses like MBA are not a good choice. On the one hand because the learning cycle of such courses is too long they focus on theory and far water cannot save near fire. On the other hand most MBA course systems are summaries of past large enterprise management practices while what needs to be learned in innovation is leading content especially true disruptive innovations often originate from small enterprises or small teams.

To truly learn management knowledge for an innovative environment QCIM Innovation Manager Certification launched by QGENIUS should be your first choice solution QCIM certificate exam is a completely designed ability assessment standard according to the requirements of innovative manager ability It provides a user-centered innovative management paradigm starting from innovative vision allowing you to master how to step by step use scientific methods to create a truly conducive management environment for innovation including building teams mining opportunities formulating strategies and plans promoting new product development redesigning business models etc… And finally drive exponential growth in innovative business.

QGENIUS Innovation Manager Certification is an international standard, with learners already spread across countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, India, etc. In China, many large enterprises have also begun to implement training for innovation managers. Currently, QGENIUS has also launched an online learning community. You can now also participate in learning by downloading the free “From Novice Manager to CEO” app on the Apple App Store.

Innovation manager is a challenging job and a lifelong learning position. But undoubtedly, this position puts you at the forefront of world development. As Steve Jobs said: “To live is to change the world.” It will make you a person who truly changes the world like Steve Jobs. Therefore, this may be a very exciting and rewarding career path.

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