Jack Ma: Current education will leave our children jobless in the next 30 years!

On September 20th, Jack Ma delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, stating: “The way we educate now and the content we teach will make our children unemployed in the next thirty years.”

Ma explained: “Because everything we learn, all the knowledge we remember, calculations, all these things, machines do better.”

But in response to the uncertainty that the rapid development of AI and other technologies brings to the future of humanity, Ma said: “Such concerns are normal. Two hundred years ago, when steam engines arrived, people thought that steam engines would take away a lot of jobs. Due to artificial intelligence and robots, manufacturing is no longer the main engine of employment.” Instead, small businesses that use the internet to expand their markets will lead economic growth in this century.

Ma also said at this conference that in the era of artificial intelligence, in addition to IQ and EQ, “if you want to be respected, you also need LQ (Love Quotient). This is something that machines do not have.”

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